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Model Mayhem deleted my account

December 22nd, 2010

When i first started modeling late 20′s i joined model mayhem and have been using them for years, for modeling jobs and finding models. I’ve had castings up etc for a long time and never post my adult sites or spanking sites when recently out of nowhere they delete my account after i just forked out $112 for a years subscription. They say for adult networking. They have not responded to my emails asking them how to get my account back up and exactly what i did wrong? They have models on their site using hustler mag cover as their avatar and lots of porn stars on the site. I have no idea why i was singled out. This also happened to me on youtube, facebook, and myspace. The only pace i am still is twitter and i started a profile at mypornprofile. I mean facebook deleted me because i wasn’t using my real name i mean wtf alot of models don’t!!! This is frustrating to me since these are the places everyone is to promote but they have vague rules and delete everything in a drop of  ahat even if you pay. Merry XMAS!!!  I recently was contacted by a new Italian mag after he saw my pics on model mayhem. On a different note… Daddy takes the most amazing pics and i just had to share this with you….

6 Responses to “Model Mayhem deleted my account”

  1. Ben says:

    It is strange, and wankerish, that they would delete your account like that. Especially FaceBook, lots of people (especially famous ones) don’t use their real name. It’s just silly to focus on one person. Heck, a handful of my friends (who are not famous) use pseudonyms.

    It just strikes me as silly.

    On a positive note, I love the new picture and I love the work you have been doing recently. Merry Christmas.

  2. AmberDawn says:

    Thank You Ben, I guess I’ll just have to post my modeling pics here and you guys can bring me some models!

  3. Chief says:

    hey, that sucks! Maybe you have someone you pissed off? Can’t think why! Daddy does indeed take beautiful pics. I meant to ask you, I love the moving lightbox sort of thing on your blog design, what sort of java app is that, if I may enquire?

    Oh, and Merry Xmas!

    Chief. xx

  4. phillipthe2 says:

    That absolutely stinks to high heaven…and I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with some years ago…I was supposedly posting adult content that never existed. Now, I did / do have adult content, but I reserve that for my blog….only the absolute pg-13 material went on their site. I was given a reason for my dismissal, but only in the vaguest and most generic sense of the word. 95% of the time it’s some sort of jealousy issue with another patron…and only 5% can be attributed policy violation on sites like that.

  5. amberdawn says:

    i know it sucks you pay these sites money then they have the right to delete you for any reason they want or by giving no reason at all it sucks ass!

  6. phillipthe2 says:

    Oh well, you’ll bounce back from it…I’m sure of it.

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